Sunday, 7 August 2011

Lazy Sundays

Well I survived my first week at work which was a welcome relief.  I was really nervous of how my body would react to 8 hours of running around on my feet, especially with the uncontrollable pain I had experienced right before leaving in the first place but it went really well!  I experienced some minor neck pain and by Friday I was pretty sore but I made it through the entire week.

On a completely unrelated note I added some bangs to my 'do but haven't gotten a chance to wear them down all week since it's been so hot out they get curly by the time I get to work!  Not sure if I like them more or less, but they're a change at least.  Now if only my hair would grow faster! life sure seems busy now!  Back to working full time means a lot less 'Me' time!  I got off track the last month or so with my weight loss and exercise goals so I've been trying to get to the gym more this week.  I want to make delicious meals for Hubby and I but am so tired it's been a challenge not to grab fast food on the way home.

Then there's the cleaning!  The last thing I want to do after I've worked all day, went to the gym and made dinner is clean but I also like having a clean house and I enjoyed how neat and tidy everything was while I was off.  I've also been trying all week to keep a balance with the animals.  I feel so guilty leaving them behind every morning!

Since these are all part of my routine again I bought myself an agenda.  I spent an hour yesterday planning out my week - gym, cleaning, meals etc.  I'm a list maker so even if I don't stick to everything just writing and organizing my life takes that extra weight it's super cute!

Now that it's a rainy Sunday I feel so exhausted I just want some me time!  But there's cleaning to do, animals to love, the gym to get to....I guess that's life but sometimes I wish it just wasn't so BUSY!  Although it couldn't hurt to sit on the couch with a cup of tea and my book and read....just for a little bit!

Monday, 1 August 2011

Dog Days of Summer

Hubby and I vacationed most of the week, it was wonderful!

If you've been reading the blog you'll know we started our vaycay at a family cottage in Bancroft, Ontario.  We love going up there because the dogs are just as happy as we are.  Unfortunately we didn't get the best weather so Hubby and I spent part of it making up new rules to Monopoly.  When the sun was shining or it just wasn't raining we were outdoors with the pups.

Genevieve & Murray retrieving the ball.
Enjoying a canoe ride while the rain held off.

Weather cleared up for a beautiful sunset.
And stayed beautiful in to the next day.

Sunning on the dock with Genevieve.
The dogs spent all of their time in the water.  We haven't gotten much rain this summer so they had to go out really far to get where they couldn't touch.  Murray spent hours doing circles in the water - this tiny speck moving in the distance.  Every once in a while you would see him stop and his head pop up, just to make sure we were still around.  Genevieve likes to retrieve.  Even if she's completely exhausted she can't resist swimming after her toy and bringing it back to us.  Eventually to give her a break we had to leash her and bring her on the dock with us.  With a ball in her mouth, she settled down quickly.

 After some R&R at the cottage, we spent some time at my Dad's boat with him, my Stepmom and little Brother.  We had gorgeous weather and picked an island close to the marina to anchor off of with some friends to enjoy the day.  My little Brother and Hubby spent their time pretending they were pirates (my brother is 4).  I spent my time floating around on an inner tube, sipping my wine and soaking up the sun.  My Stepmom came up late, she slept in and we wanted to get out on the water so Dad was trying to figure out a plan to go back and get her later on.  Instead she found someone boating our way and hitched a ride with them to us!

Brother and Hubby.
Hubby walks the 'plank' and does a cannonball!
 We've been back for a few days now.  Although our vacation was relaxing being a Beach Bum just wears me out!  I've been lazing around here when there's tons to do - but I have a great tan now!  I'm nervous to start work again tomorrow.  I've been off for almost 4 months after pain problems following a car accident we were in last Christmas.  Keeping fingers crossed it all goes well and no one yells at me!